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General information

The Council of Young Scientists and the Student Scientific Society of the Belarusian State Medical University invite students and young scientists (undergraduates, graduate students, applicants for academic degrees, clinical interns, employees of healthcare, educational institutions engaged in scientific activities under the age of 40) to take part in        

 the satellite distance scientific and practical conference for students and young scientists, devoted to the Day of Belarusian science

"Fundamental science in modern medicine - 2022"
The authors of the best abstracts will have an opportunity to make
an oral presentation at the final stage of the conference.
It is also possible to perform a presentation via satellite.
It is planned to publish a collection of electronic abstracts prior to the conference.
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Directions of the conference


  • Clinical medicine;
  • Fundamental medicine;
  • Prevention medicine;
  • Pharmaceutical sciences;
  • Health organization;
    Working languages: Russian, Belarusian, English.
The terms of participation

To participate in the conference you need:

Prepare a scientific work as a 3-5 pages abstract in accordance with the established requirements;

Prepare a scanned copy of the abstract in PDF and visas from the research advisor(visa “To Print”);

?Register, then send an abstract in doc format and a scanned copy of the article with the visa of the supervisor “To Print” (in PDF format)

P.S. The file of the article (doc.) must be named: “Last Name –Section of the conference” (example: “Ivanov - Clinical Medicine”)!

Article requirements

Requirements for the content and formatting of the article

1. Your article must be relevant to the selected area and contain the results of your OWN research.

2. We strongly suggest you use Microsoft Office Word as your text editor for typing and format your article. Please note that the document should be saved in “.doc” format (not “.docx” or any other).

3. Your article should contain from 3 to 5 pages.

4. Your article should be written without copyright infringement.

5. You should use A4 page size.

6. Font requirements:

-font type - Times New Roman

-font size for article headlines and the main text of the article - 14 pt

-font size of the summary and keywords, titles of figures, diagrams, and tables, the text of the tables, the list of references - 12 pt

7. You should use single line spacing.

8. Margins of your document should be adjusted to the following values:

-left, top and bottom – 2 cm

-right – 1 cm

9. The indent of the first line (paragraph indent) should be set on 1.25 cm.

10.The article headlines and names of the figures/tables should be center-aligned, the article text should be justified.

11.You should use auto hyphenation (Page Layout tab >> Hyphenation >> Automatic).

12. You shouldn’t add page numbers.

13.Requirements for article headlines:

-the 1st paragraph should contain the title of the article in capital, bold (ARTICLE NAME).

-the 2nd paragraph should be left empty.

-the 3rd paragraph should contain the surname, the initials of the author ( and coauthors separated by commas) in bold. If the author of the article is a student, you must specify the surname and initials of his supervisor.

-the 4th paragraph should be left empty.

-the 5th paragraph should contain the name of the institution(s), the name of the department to which the author(s) belongs, the city name. The paragraph should be formatted in italic.

-the 6th paragraph should be left empty.

-the 7th paragraph contains the article text.

14. Pics, graphs and diagrams may be in color or black&white, must be signed and numbered as in following example (Fig. 1 - Picture name). All images should be saved in “.jpg” format (not “.png” or anything else).

15.The article should contain the following sections:

-Keywords (no more than 5 words)

-Summary in Russian and English (no more than 5 lines)

-Relevance, purpose, objectives, material and research methods, research results and their discussion, conclusions.

-References (up to 10 sources). Information about sources is given in accordance with the requirements of “ГОСТ 7.1” ( References to the sources should be added to the article after the quotation. The reference is a number in square brackets according to the alphabetical order stated in the list of references.
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Results and rewarding

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